Achieving New Value in Forex

Finding New Value In Forex | Forex Tutorial

What can be said about the situation where a pair is finding value it has not found before ? This is not necessarily an issue for Forex, as it tends to move in retracements with unpredictable beginnings or ends. Thus a given current value can be referenced to past value, potentially creating support/resistance containers. When a Forex pair breaks through all past reference, it is typically expected to pull back at some stage. This breaks a container, but the container is still there.

However, even in the case where a move occurs to new value, other containers can exist. These can be seen as big figure references which can produce complex moves referencing this container. However, the effect of these may differ from the kind of effect from past support/resistance. They can create patterns which my tend not to be momentum in one direction, but they may do this in a way which does not erase that directional momentum. That is, the arrow remains intact.

But if the momentum goes, which can be composed of such factors as the possibility of arrow turning volatility, then what these container are may change. Forex lives with this all the time in its moves back and forth, showing why big figures have a particular importance in the generation of Forex patterns, across different time frames. At all times, the arrow may flip, but it may be held for a time, and then released. Whether this changes higher time frames can depend on support or resistance.

But what about a situation where the arrow does not flip. Whether this does or not, may add a certain rationale to classifying different instrument. That is, the tendency of the arrow to flip, is related to what it is that the instrument is doing. So sometimes it can be turned on in one direction, and takes a number of factors to turn off, reflected in such patterns as a trend end. This can even happen in Forex, but tend to exist within higher containers, which eventually flip the arrow again. But of course the capacity for local arrow changes still remains, and remains at lower time frames (i.e. retracements happen). This is part of the complexity of Forex.

In news trading the arrow can be focused in one direction, sometimes. But after this happens, instability can set in. In effect the arrow disappears for a time, and may then enter a time of low volatility as it is referenced by the scale of the move which just happened. This can be seen on shorter term time frames, and sometimes longer term time frames, after a major news based move.

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