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ThinkMarkets Offers Zcash MT4 Cryptocurrency Spread Betting

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ThinkMarkets Offers Cryptocurrency Spread Betting

ThinkMarkets offers Zcash spread betting on MT4.

What is Zcash ?

Zcash is a cryptocurrency which aims to address a perceived issue with Bitcoin. This is privacy. Bitcoin has a public ledger, which means that all transactions are visible. However Bitcoin does not link the name of the person with the transaction, rather uses keys. The concern is that miners may be able to link information to actual names. Zcash is built on Bitcoin techonlogy (it is a fork from it), but focuses on ways to improve these perceived issue with privacy. It uses what is called zero knowledge proofs to validate transactions, applying a construct called zk-SNARK to verify validity while encrypting the transaction metadata. Zcash allows users to make public payment (like Bitcoin) as well as private secured transactions.

How is Zcash offered at ThinkMarkets ?

The cryptocurrency Zcash is not available to trade at ThinkMarkets. Rather the trader can make spread betting trades, which are based on the price of the cryptocurrency. Thus the trader can speculate on the rise or fall of the price of Zcash, without having to own it. This means they can go long or short and do not need a wallet or other means of storing it.

What is ThinkMarkets's minimum deposit ?

There is no minimum deposit for ThinkMarkets's Standard account. ThinkMarkets's ThinkZero account has a minimum deposit of $500. ThinkMarkets.

What other cryptocurrencies are offered to spread bet ?

In addition to Zcash, ThinkMarkets offers Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Neo, Ripple, Metaverse ETP, Litecoin, OmiseGo, Monero, Ripple and IOTA.

Does ThinkMarkets also provide CFD trading ?

Thinkmarkets does offer CFD trading in cryptocurrencies. Like spread betting the trader does not own the cryptocurrency, rather speculates on its price movement. ThinkMarkets offers these on Trade Interceptor, providing Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Mini, Ethereum, Ethereum Mini, Dash, Neo, Ripple. Thus the offering differs from spread betting and does not include Zcash.

What other market does ThinkMarkets offer ?

ThinkMarkets offers Forex, Metals, Indices, in addition to Cryptocurrencies on MT4. On Trade Interceptor it includes Equities, for a total of 200+.

Is ThinkMarkets regulated ?

ThinkMarkets is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom. It is also regulated by the ASIC in Australia.

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