UFX vs. XM Broker Comparison

UFX vs. XM Broker Comparison

UFX versus XM Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarketsRegulated
$5MT4, MT51000+CySEC, ASIC, IFSC
$100MT5, ParagonEx450+CySEC

UFX and XM Comparison

XM is a no dealing desk broker, offering variable spreads, with or without a commission charge. UFX provides fixed spreads, without a commission charge, which can be lower with higher account types.

In terms of trading platforms, XM provides both MT4 and MT5, offering the most markets on MT5. The XM Zero account (which has a commission charge and is available at XM CySEC regulated) has a reduced range of markets available. UFX provides a web trader, ParagonEx, with a user friendly interface and a crowd trading news feed (crowd trading helps inform the trader about the activities of other traders, referenced to market events).

As an NDD STP MT4 and MT5 broker, XM has support for automated trading. As a broker with crowd trading, UFX has particular support for traders who execute their own trades, by allowing the crowd to help inform the trader while making discretionary trading decisions. UFX also offers MT5 (so it does support automated trading as well).

Both brokers are regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus. XM is additionally regulated by the ASIC in Australia and the IFSC in Belize.

Quick comparison

UFX provides crowd trading on ParagonEx and also offers MT5. XM provides MT4 and MT5, and has a lower minimum deposit.

Minimum deposit and account types

The minimum deposit for UFX is $100. The minimum deposit for XM is $5 (and $100 for its XM Zero account).

  • UFX provides six account types, Micro/Mini, Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum and Islamic. The minimum initial deposit is $100 for the Micro/Mini account, $500 for the Mini account, $1000 for the Islamic and Standard accounts, $5000 for the Gold account and $10,000 for the Platinum account. The minimum trade size ranges from 0.0025 lots for the Micro/Mini account to 1 lot for the Platinum account.
  • All UFX account types offer daily market reviews, a video library, daily recommendations and 24hr live support. Mini, Standard, Gold and Platinum accounts also have VIP trading support. Standard, Gold and Platinum additionally receive exclusive updates. Gold and Platinum also have access to MT5. Trading Central is available for traders who deposit at least $1000 into their account. At UFX there is a one minute minimum time after a position has been opened until it can be closed.
  • XM CySEC regulated offers three account types, a Micro and a Standard account, both with minimum deposits of $5 and the XM Zero account, with a minimum deposit of $100. An Islamic account is available for each account type. The Micro and Standard accounts do not charge commissions, the XM Zero account does charge commissions. The Micro and Standard accounts differ in terms of order sizes available.
  • XM ASIC regulated offers the XM Ultra Low account instead of the XM Zero account. XM IFSC regulated offers the Micro, Standard and Ultra Low accounts and a Shares account (with real Shares to own). The minimum deposit for the Ultra Low account is $50. The minimum deposit for the Shares account is $10,000.
  • XM offers an economic calendar, a personal account manager, video tutorials, daily technical analysis, Forex market research and daily Forex signals, trading tools, market outlook and webinars. XM allows EAs, hedging and scalping.


  • UFX offers 450+ covering Forex pairs, Indices, Metals, Energy, Soft Commodities, Stocks and ETFs.
  • XM offers 100+ covering Forex pairs, Indices, Metals, Energy and Soft Commodities on MT4 and 1000+ on MT5, as it also offers Cryptocurrency and Stock CFDs. The XM Zero account provides Forex pairs, Gold and Silver, with 55+ markets.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

  • XM provides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple.

Spreads and leverage

UFX can offer Forex spreads from 2 (fixed) without a commission charge. XM can provide Forex spreads from 0 (variable) with a commission charge on XM Zero, from 0.6 (variable) without a commission charge on Ultra Low and from 1 (variable) without a commission charge on Standard.

Maximum leverage for UFX . Maximum leverage for XM (CySEC regulated) is .


  • UFX does not charge a commission.
  • XM charges a commission of $3.5 per lot per side on the XM Zero account. Commissions are charged only on the XM Zero account and therefore only for Forex pairs, Gold and Silver.

Online trading platforms

UFX provides the ParagonEx web trader, the UFX Trader App for mobile and MT5. UFX supports crowd trading on the ParagonEx platform, with a news feed which includes news about market events and the reactions of traders to them.

XM provides the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms, which are available on desktop, mobile and tablet.

Both brokers offer micro lot trading (but XM offers smaller trade sizes on its Micro account). Both UFX and XM say that accounts balances cannot go negative.

Why UFX or XM ?

Traders who want to trade on a user friendly platform design for the trader who executes their own trades can find ParagonEx at UFX. Traders who want to trade on MetaTrader 4 (MT4) can find this platform at XM, which allows EAs (MetaTrader robots). Traders who want to trade on MetaTrader 5 (MT5) can do so at either broker, however UFX has a considerably higher minimum deposit to use MT5 ($5000 vs $5). Traders can trade a relatively large number of markets at XM, on MT5.

Comparison summary

These brokers provide a range of account types. XM's account types are based around types of trading, in that they can charge a commission or not charge a commission and can handle small trade sizes or large trade sizes and offer very low spreads with a commission charge, and provide different markets to trade.

UFX also bases its trade size on account types, but differs its accounts in terms of extra features offered. XM and UFX both offer small minimum trade sizes on one account types (0.0001 lots vs 0.0025 lots). UFX offers fixed spreads which can be lower with higher account types.

A difference then between the two brokers is the types of spreads, namely variable with XM or fixed with UFX, which may be important depending of the style of trading (UFX does not allow scalping, XM does). For some styles, the spreads with a commission charge offered by XM on its XM Zero account and its no dealing desk conditions along with MT4 and MT5, may be of interest.

These brokers differ in terms of the minimum deposit, as it is $5 for XM going up to $100 (and $10,000 for the Shares account at XM Global), and $100 for UFX going up to $10,0000. Thus UFX may be of interest to those who want fixed spreads under normal market conditions, and enhanced account features for higher deposits, in addition to crowd trading on ParagonEx.

  • Both brokers offer MT5
  • XM additionally provides MT4
  • UFX additionally offers ParagonEx with crowd trading
  • Both brokers have a Micro account with small trade sizes
  • XM has a lower minimum deposit

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