IQ Option vs Trade360 - Online Brokerage Comparison

IQ Option vs Trade360 | CFD Broker Comparison

IQ Option vs Trade360 Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarkets
$10Web Trader & Apps, Downloaded Platform300+
$500ParagonEx Web Trader & Apps, MT5450+

IQ Option vs Trade360 Comparison

Both of these brokers offer user friendly web traders and apps. Trade360 has a crowd trading news feed on its ParagonEx web trader. This offers news about markets and market events, with information about the sentiments and reactions of other traders (the 'crowd') to this news. Thus the aim of this is to help inform the trader as they make their own trading decisions, by tracking the activities of other traders as a group (so it is not social trading, where individual traders can populate a feed).

Trade360 has a considerably higher minimum deposit than IQ Option ($500 vs $10). IQ Option allows traders to trade with a minimum order size of $1. This means that a trader can trade on a live account with a smaller account size (hence the small minimum deposit). For the same minimum deposit as required to trade on ParagonEx, Trade360 lets the trader use MT5 (MetaTrader 5), and allows them to use EAs (Expert Advisors). Expert Advisors allow the trader automate their trading strategies, letting EAs trade on their behalf.

Quick comparison

Both brokers have web traders and apps. Trade360 offers a crowd trading news feed on its ParagonEx platform and offers MT5. IQ Option has a much lower minimum deposit.

Minimum deposit and key account features

The minimum deposit for IQ Option is $10. The minimum deposit for Trade360 is $500.

  • IQ Option has Market Analysis, News, a Forex Calendar, an Earnings Calendar and a Crypto Calendar on its trading platform. The minimum order size is $1.
  • Trade360 offers five account types and an Islamic account. The minimum deposit for the Mini Account is $500, the minimum deposit for the Standard360 account is $1000 (the minimum deposit for StandardMT5 is $500), the minimum deposit for the Gold account is $5000, the minimum deposit for the Platinum and Islamic360 accounts is $10,000 and the minimum deposit for the VIP account is $50,000. The minimum trade size ranges from 0.05 lots (Mini) to 1.5 lots (VIP). The Standard360 account has a minimum trade size of 0.1 lots (mini lots).
  • All Trade360 account types offer the Live CrowdTrading Feed, trading signals, 24/5 live chat and Whatsapp Support. MT5 is available for all account types except the Mini account. The Gold, Platinum, Islamic and VIP accounts offer additionally personal push and SMS notifications and exclusive market updates. Trade360 offers Trading Central.


  • IQ Option offers Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks, Soft Commodities, ETFs, Cryptocurrencies and Options, with 300+ available.
  • Trade360 offers Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks, Soft Commodities and ETFs, with 450+ available.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

  • IQ Option offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, DASH, EOS, Ethereum Classic, QTUM, Zcash, TRON and OmiseGO.


Maximum leverage for IQ Option (CySEC regulated) is . Maximum leverage for Trade360 (CySEC regulated) is .

Online trading platforms

IQ Option offers its web trading platform, a downloaded version of this and apps. Trade360 provides the ParagonEx web trader, MT5 and apps.

Why IQ Option or Trade360 ?

Traders who wish to use MT5 would need to consider Trade360, as it offers this platform. Traders wishing to make their own trading decisions on a user friendly trading platform can consider either broker. However it can be noted that Trade360 also includes a crowd trading news feed on the ParagonEx platform. This adds additional information for the trader in the form of crowd reaction and sentiment to market news.

Comparison summary

  • Both offer CFD trading
  • Each has web traders and apps
  • Trade360 additionally provides MT5
  • Trade360 offers a crowd trading news feed on ParagonEx
  • IQ Option has a lower minimum deposit ($10 vs $500)

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