Trade360: A CySEC Regulated Crowd Trading CFD Broker

Trade360 Review

Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Stocks & ETFs

  • CySEC regulated ✔
  • Fixed spreads from 1.8
  • Trader Friendly grade: A
  • VIP and Islamic accounts
  • $500 minimum deposit
  • 50+ technical indicators
Crowd Trading • Trade360

Trade360 Review

Trade360 bases its platform around CFD trading augmented by information about crowd behavior, offering a range markets to trade, on a platform with a clear modern design. The idea behind crowd trading is to supplement CFD trading with insights from the crowd, which in this case is the other traders on Trade360, presented in various ways on the platform, including a news feed.

Account types and minimum deposit

Trade360 makes available the following account types. These are Mini, Standard360, Gold, Platinum, VIP and Islamic360. The minimum deposit for the Mini Account is $500, the minimum deposit for the Standard account is $1000 (the minimum deposit for the Standard MT4 account is $500), the minimum deposit for the Gold account is $5000, the minimum deposit for the Platinum and Islamic accounts is $10,000 and the minimum deposit for the VIP account is $50,000.

All account types offer the Live CrowdTrading Feed, Trading Signals, 24/5 Live Chat and Whatsapp Support. The Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts offer additionally Personal Push and SMS Notifications, Exclusive Market Updates and SMS Trading Signals.

Account opening and funding

Trade360 can open accounts for residents of many countries, but not for residents of countries including the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Iran, North Korea, Algeria, Myanmar or Cyprus.

Traders can log into their account with Facebook and Google. If they wish they can also login using an email and password.


MT4 is offered for all account types except the Mini account.

Platform and markets

As well as MT4, Trade360 offers the ParagonEx trading platform. Markets available on the platform are Currencies, Indices, Commodities, Stocks and ETFs, with 120+ available.

Clicking on the small line chart on the markets box on the platform brings up a chart, with time frames from tick to monthly. There is a relatively large number of chart styles to choose from, namely Candlestick, OHLC, Line Chart, Hollow Candles, Heikin-Ashi, Bar Forest, Area, HLC, Coloured Bar HLC, Coloured Bar OHLC, Line Dot and Dot Chart. These are not unprecedented, a number of other brokers also offer this kind of range. There are also over 50 indicators.

On the markets box, there is a trader's sentiment indicator. Trade360 uses negative balance protection to make sure the account balance does not go below $0.

Minimum trade size

The minimum trade size for the Mini account is 0.05 lots, the minimum trade size for the Standard360 account is 0.1 lots (mini lots), the minimum trade size for the Gold account is 0.5 lots, the minimum trade size for the Platinum account is 1 lot (standard lots) and the minimum trade size for the VIP account is 1.5 lots.

Crowd Trading

The core indicator is on the right of the markets boxes. This is the CrowdTrading Live Feed which essentially flags markets if there has been something happening with them, for example a growth in trading, fast movement in prices or a surge in openings and tells what is the predominant sentiment to buy or sell the market.

It can also gives information about upcoming news releases and tell the trader what the crowd (of other traders) thinks the news will be (e.g. the data will be better or worse than forecast). It is like a selection of market events, with data referenced to the actions of other traders about this. This is also not unprecedented as other brokers are using this kind of tool.

Clicking on the markets box brings up more crowd information, for a markets. This segments Buy/Sell information about the markets. To give an example, it may say that a certain percentage of all traders are buying and a certain percentage of all traders are selling, but also give the same information for UK Traders. Thus it is an augmented trader's sentiment indicator.

Is this useful for traders ? In some ways the more information the better in trading, but the problem is filtering this and understanding its context. So crowd trading insights aims to do this for the trader. It differs from social trading in that it seeks to provide information about markets, sourced from the actions of other traders, rather than providing information about the trading activities of individual traders.

Does it work well ? It seems to give insights into issues which an experienced trader might look for in charts, such as sudden price moves. Since there are charts with technical indicators and a range of chart types, it is also possible for the trader to perform their own analysis of a markets.

Spreads and leverage

Trade360's spreads are fixed. EUR/USD spreads are 1.8, GBP/USD spreads are 2.4 and Bitcoin spread is 35.

The DAX 30 has a spread of 3.8, Dow Jones has a spread of 4.8, Oil has a spread of 0.05 and Gold has a spread of 0.45.

Maximum leverage is


Trade360 accepts deposits by Debit/Credit Card, Local Bank Transfer, Skrill and Neteller. Withdrawals typically take 3-10 days to complete and no withdrawal fee is charged by Trade360.


Trade360 was founded in 2013 and is a tradename of MFP Global Markets Ltd, authorised and regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, license number 202/13. Its registered office is at 116 Gladstonos Str., Michael Kyprianou House, 3rd and 4th floor, 3032, Limassol, Cyprus.

Summary and grade

There are brokers with lower fixed spreads out there, but they will tend to offer reduced features. This broker aims to offer more features, including charting, layout, crowd trading insights and account types.

The integration of crowd trading data and the range of account types helps give Trade360 a Trader Friendly grade of A.

Pluses and minuses

  • Trade 360 offers crowd trading
  • Trade360 provides ParagonEx
  • Trade360 offers MT4
  • The minimum deposit to access MT4 is $500
  • The minimum deposit to access ParagonEx is $500
  • Trade360 offer a range of markets to trade
  • Trade360 provides fixed spreads
  • Trade360 is CySEC regulated

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