Spread Co versus Trade360 - Compare both Brokers

Spread Co versus Trade360 - Compare both Brokers

Spread Co versus Trade360 Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarketsRegulated
£250Web Trader & Apps1500+FCA
$500ParagonEx & Apps, MT4120+CySEC

Spread Co and Trade360 Comparison

Spread Co is an FCA regulated, London based broker offering Spread Betting and CFD trading. Trade360 is a CySEC regulated, Cyprus based broker offering crowd trading. Spread Co provides more limited features in return for low fixed and variable spreads, while Trade360 provides more features, including a news feed based on crowd trading.

Quick comparison

Spread Co provides spread betting in the UK and CFD trading on its web trader and apps. Trade360 offers CFD trading on ParagonEx (with crowd trading) and MT4.

Minimum deposit and account types

Resident of most countries can open accounts with both brokers, however there are some restrictions and neither broker can open accounts for residents of the USA.

The minimum recommended deposit for Spread Co is £200 for spread betting and £250 for CFD trading. The minimum deposit for Trade360 varies depending on account type but starts at $500.

  • Spread Co has three spread betting account types: Spread Free, Spread Free Bronze and Standard. It also has a CFD trading account. Spread Free and Spread Free Bronze offers zero spreads on some markets, T&Cs apply. Spread Free Bronze charges a fee and has less restrictions. Spread Co provides news and analysis on its website and a relationship manager for all account holders.
  • Trade360 offers six account types. The minimum deposit for the Mini Account is $500, the minimum deposit for the Standard360 account is $1000 (the minimum deposit for StandardMT4 is $500), the minimum deposit for the Gold account is $5000, the minimum deposit for the Platinum and Islamic360 accounts is $10,000 and the minimum deposit for the VIP account is $50,000.
  • All Trade360 account types offer the Live CrowdTrading Feed, trading signals, 24/5 Live Chat and Whatsapp Support. The Gold, Platinum and VIP accounts offer additionally personal push and SMS Notifications, exclusive market updates and SMS trading signals.
  • Spread Co provides news and analysis, video updates, an economic calendar and trading guides on its website. Spread Co also provides a relationship manager for all traders.


  • Spread Co offers Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, ETFs, Cryptocurrency and ADRs.
  • Trade360 offers Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks and ETFs.

Spread Co offers considerably more markets than Trade360, as Spread Co makes available 1500+ markets and Trade360 makes available 120+.

Cryptocurrency CFDs

  • Spread Co offers Bitcoin Futures.


On their web traders, Spread Co offers Candlestick, OHLC, Line, Area, Bar, Spline, Steep Line, Spline Area, Steep Line Area and Range Bar charts and 22 technical indicators, Trade360 provides candlestick, OHLC, line, hollow candles, Heikin-Ashi, bar forest, area, HLC, coloured bar HLC, coloured bar OHLC, line dot and dot charts and 50+ technical indicators.

While Spread Co offers news on its website, it does not offer a newsfeed on its platform. Trade360 offers the Live CrowdTrading Feed which provides news about market events and how traders as a whole are contending with this news, thus handing news infused with crowd insights to the trader.

Spread Co's platform contains lists of assets with charting available. Trade360's platform is based on assets boxes with charts available and the crowd trading feed on the side.

Spreads and leverage

  • On its spread betting platform, Spread Co offers fixed spreads of 0.8 for EUR/USD and UK100, 0.4 for Gold and 0.05 for US Crude Oil. Spread Co's spreads can change with higher order sizes and outside of market hours.
  • On Spread Co's CFD platform spreads are fixed, at 1.5 for EUR/USD, 1 for UK100, 0.4 for Gold and 0.04 for US Crude Oil.
  • Trade360's spreads are also fixed. EUR/USD spreads are 1.8, DAX30 spreads are 3.8, Gold spreads are 0.45 and Oil spreads are 0.05.

Maximum leverage for Spread Co is . Maximum leverage for Trade360 is .


Spread Co does offer a range of features on its website, but Trade360 offers more features on its trading platform. However Spread Co is able to offer low fixed spreads for spread betting.

Thus for traders who can access spread betting services and who want very tight fixed spreads, Spread Co could have an advantage. But for CFD traders seeking extra account features, the range of trader friendly features Trade360 provides may make it an attractive proposition. That said, Spread Co provides competitive fixed CFD spreads.

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