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Ripple Spread Betting - What Is Ripple

The cryptocurency Ripple (XRP) can be spread bet in the UK. Non-UK residents can trade Ripple CFDs. These brokers offer a range of markets to spread bet, in addition to Ripple. The trader can trade using the broker's spread betting online trading platform, which may include web trading platforms and MT4, allowing access to a range of tools, such as charting and indicators. Spread betting and CFD trading lets the trader trade Ripple without owning it. Thus they do not need a wallet, can use leverage and go long or short. As cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile, leverage tends to be restricted as increasing leverage increases risk.

Ripple is a company which makes enterprise level systems using the XRP Ledger to send cross border payments. These are xVia, xCurrent and xRapid. The RippleNet, which is used to send cross border payments can process payments in fiat currencies and the cryptocurrency XRP (called Ripple as well). RippleNet uses XRP to provide a bridge currency when sending payments from and to emerging markets, providing on demand liquidity via cryptocurrency exchanges. XRP is not created by the mining process, as at other crypto networks, rather it is released by Ripple.

The core idea of Ripple is arguably to provide systems using blockchain technology to enable efficient payment processing to meet the demands of large scale providers of cross border payments. This differs it from other cryptos which were created for the purpose of peer-to-peer payments. Ripple is like one end a continuum expressing a more centralised process oriented use of a distributed ledger technology versus more distributed approaches which effectively outsource processing to third parties by making use of the reach of the Internet. Thus XRP is perhaps not as central to the process as Bitcoin is to the Bitcoin network, for example, but nonetheless it is used by RippleNet and is part of the way it functions to process payments.

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