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MT4 ECN Brokers

These brokers offer ECN trading on the MetaTrader 4 (MT4) online trading platform and some offer other ECN trading platforms. ECN stands for Electronic Communication Network. This refers to the interconnection of the broker with liquidity providers.

Markets available to trade at these brokers are CFDs, which allow the trader to trade markets without owning the underlying financial market. For example a cryptocurrency CFD can be traded, but the trader does not own the cryptocurrency, does not need a wallet and does not need to trade on an exchange.

ECN brokers are typically no dealing desk. What this means in general is that the dealing desk either does not exist or does not intervene in the order process. Thus a wide range of trading styles are available, including scalping and automated trading.

The infrastructure allows for high speed order processing, which can be suited to some trading styles and strategies. For very liquid markets prices can be very low, in terms of the bid/ask spread. However these brokers charge a commission charge in addition to the spread, which means the total cost is the spread plus the commission charge.

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is a platform which is offered by all these ECN brokers. MT4 supports both discretionary trading, where the trader makes their own trading decisions and automated trading, where a computer program executes trades on behalf of the trader, following a set of rules or algorithms. Thus MT4 can be seen as suited to ECN trading, as both types of trading may be used to make use of ECN services. These brokers may offer other ECN trading platforms including ECN MT5 trading.

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