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Trading Automation at City Index: MT4 vs AT Pro

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Trading Automation at City Index: MT4 vs AT Pro

City Index is a regulated spread betting and CFD broker, which provides a wide range of market and number of different trading platforms. Its has two web traders (called Advantage Web and Web Trader), but it also provides MT4 and AT Pro. AT Pro is for advanced users and contains an expanded range of technical indicators (135+) and chart types as well as tools for providing entry and exit signals on the chart (i.e. to automate charting analysis). MT4 allows the trader to use and build automated trading strategies called Expert Advisors. With these platforms, City Index can potentially provide support for a range of types of trader, from beginners to more advanced, including those who want to automate the trading process to different degrees.

Web Trader & Advantage Web vs MT4 vs AT Pro

Both MT4 and AT Pro provide support for automating parts of the process of trading. MT4 offers Expert Advisors while AT Pro provides a Strategy Builder (to construct trading signals). But at City Index, MT4 has a separate account and a different range of markets. AT Pro is available on the same account as City Index's web traders and has access to the same wide range and number of markets.

Essentially, AT Pro offers features which the web traders do not have, such as charting signals and has more indicators and price types. But these extra features are suitable for advanced traders. While the web trading platforms are of course a web trader, AT Pro and MT4 are downloadable.

  • On MT4, City Index offers Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy and Soft Commodities, for a total of 110+, including 80+ Forex pairs.
  • AT Pro has a wider range of markets like the web traders, covering Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy, Soft Commodities, Cryptocurrencies, Equities, iShares, Bonds and Interest Rates, for a total of 12,000+.

So what is the key difference between AT Pro and MT4 ?

Both AT Pro and MT4 can be used to auto trade - that is to build strategies and run them automatically, even when away from the computer. However at City Index, the auto trading feature is not available. So AT Pro at City Index is in effect a way to aid the discretionary trading process, by using templates or building templates to show entry and exit signals on the chart.

However this is trading automation, just not auto trading, as it automates the key process in trading of working out a strategy and using it to find entry and exit points. But it does not execute trades based on these signals, it is up to the trader to use their judgement about whether to take these signals - hence it is of potential assistance to the discretionary trader. MT4 on the other hand does allow auto trading. Expert Advisors can run the whole process of a trade from entry to exit automatically using a programmed strategy.

Trading signals on AT Pro

At Pro offers the AT Pro Development Studio, available from a tab on the platform menu. The trader can choose from built in templates or build their own. AT Pro is built on the C# .NET framework and these templates are built in C# and Visual Basic.

The AT Pro Development Studio

This is where systems can be accessed or built. It contains a folder of pre-built systems, based around technical indicator signals. It also contains Indicators, which, like the Trading Systems, can be modified if desired. The trader can also make custom Trading Systems and Indicators. These can be built in C# or Visual Basic. Both C# and Visual Basic are object oriented programming languages. There are primers to learn these languages accessible from the AT Pro platform.


All traders can use the web traders, but if they wish they can also use AT Pro, which provides an expanded range of indicators and the capacity to use, modify and create trading systems and indicators (but not auto-trade). Additionally they may open a separate account and use MT4, which also provides support for these kinds of functions, but has a reduced set of markets available.

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