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Web Trader, Advantage Web & Apps, AT Pro Web Trader
ETX TraderPro Web Trader & Apps
MT4, Sirix Web Trader

Litecoin Spread Betting - What Is Litecoin

In the UK it is possible to spread bet the cryptocurrency Litecoin (LTC). For non-UK and UK residents, Litecoin CFD trading is possible. Both spread betting and CFD trading allow the trader to speculate on the movement in value of the cryptocurrency, without having to own it. This means that they do not need a wallet, as a wallet is used to store the physical cryptocurrency.

The trader can also go long or short (speculate on a rising or falling market) and use leverage (however as cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and as increasing leverage increases risk, leverage tends to be restricted). Additionally the trader can use the online trading platforms used to spread bet other markets, allowing the trader to access features of web traders and platforms such as MT4, if they are available for Litecoin spread betting.

Litecoin is a digital currency secured using cryptography. Litecoin uses a distributed electronic ledger called the blockchain to process payments. When payments are processed they are placed into blocks of data. These blocks are attached to each other forming a secure chain of blocks of data, hence the term blockchain. Litecoin increased the rate at which blocks are added to the chain (relative to Bitcoin), with the aim of making payment processing more efficient.

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