HighLow versus IQ Option - Compare Binary Options Brokers

HighLow versus IQ Option - Compare Binary Options Brokers

HighLow versus IQ Option
Binary Options BrokerMinimum Trade SizeMinimum DepositMarketsFormats
$10$5030+HighLow, Turbo, HighLow Spread, Turbo Spread
$1$1045+Binary, Digital

HighLow and IQ Option Comparison

Both of these brokers focus on High/Low binary options and have a low minimum deposit and trade size. IQ Option offers one High/Low format while HighLow (as its name might suggest) has a number of these formats based on the mid price or the spread. IQ Option also provides target based high payouts for successful trades, with its Digital format.

IQ Option has a lower minimum deposit and trade size and can offer more underlying assets. While IQ Option can offer higher potential payout rates with its Digital format, HighLow has higher potential payout rates for the High/Low format providing payout rates of 100% for successful trades on HighLow Spread.

Minimum deposit and minimum trade size

  • The minimum deposit for High/Low is $50 and the minimum deposit for IQ Option is $10.
  • The minimum trade size for HighLow is $10 and the minimum trade size for IQ Option is $1.


HighLow offers cashback up to $50 on initial trades, terms and conditions apply.

Formats, account types and payout rates

  • Formats offered by HighLow are HighLow, HighLow Spread, Turbo and Turbo Spread. HighLow, as the name suggests is the basic binary options High/Low format using the mid price. Turbo is short term High/Low trading, from 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Payout rates range from 80%-90%. HighLow Spread and Turbo Spread adds the spread around the price, allowing payout rates of 100%.
  • IQ Option offers High/Low trading (called Binary), with payout rates up to 91% on the Real account. Unlike HighLow, payout rates can go below 80%. IQ option also provides a target based format called Digital, which has payout rates up to 900%.
  • IQ Option provides two account types, Real and VIP. Deposits from $10 get a Real account. Deposits from $3000 get a VIP account. Both accounts have trading competitions, but the VIP account has increased payout rates for some assets, extra training, free access to tournaments, an account manager, personal tutoring, support 24/7, a direct call from their specialists and unique offers.

Platform and markets

HighLow provides area charts and lacks customisation features, but the layout is visually pleasant and clear and has a news feed strip across the bottom of the platform and a 'Trader's Choice' indicator. IQ Option may offer only two formats but it is focused on the chart, providing a visually attractive feature rich chart with 10+ technical indicators, a range of chart price types and a 'Trader's Mood' indicator, which can become multiple on screen charts.

  • IQ Option offers 45+ markets, covering Currency Pairs, Commodities and Stocks.
  • HighLow offers 30+ markets, covering Currency Pairs, Commodities, Indices and Cryptocurrencies.

Fastest trade time

The fastest trade time for HighLow is 30 seconds. The fastest trade time for IQ Option is around 30 seconds.


HighLow is based in Australia and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

Comparison summary

  • Both brokers have relatively low minimum deposits and minimum trade sizes, but IQ Option is lower on both counts
  • Each has a visually appealing platform layout but IQ Option has more features
  • HighLow offers less underlying markets than IQ Option
  • HighLow provides Cryptocurrencies as an underlying market
  • IQ Option provides Stocks as an underlying market
  • IQ Option can offer higher payout rates for successful trades on its Digital format
  • HighLow offers payout rates of 100% for successful trades as it adds the spread around the mid price for some of its High/Low formats

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