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GKFX vs ThinkMarkets Broker Comparison

GKFX versus ThinkMarkets Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarketsRegulated
$/£20MT4, Sirix500+FCA
NoneMT4, Trade Interceptor200+FCA, ASIC

GKFX and ThinkMarkets Comparison

ThinkMarkets is a no dealing desk CFD broker, which can offer very low spreads with a commission charge. GKFX offers CFD trading and spread betting, and can offer low fixed spread betting spreads, while ThinkMarkets can offer low variable spreads for both CFD trading and spread betting.

Both have MT4 and offer spread betting or CFD trading on this platform. On MT4, ThinkMarkets has its ECN accounts. GKFX also has Sirix, while ThinkMarkets also offers Trade Interceptor. Both ThinkMarkets and GKFX are regulated by the FCA in the United Kingdom. ThinkMarkets is also regulated by the ASIC in Australia.

Quick comparison

Both offer MT4 and web traders: GKFX has Sirix, ThinkMarkets has Trade Interceptor. Both can also offer spread betting in the UK as well as CFD trading.

Account types and minimum deposit

The minimum amount which can be deposited with GKFX is $/£20. There is no minimum deposit for ThinkMarkets's Standard account, but there is a minimum deposit of £/$500 for the ThinkZero account.

  • GKFX provides Spread Betting, Fixed and Variable spread CFD accounts, Swap Free, VIP and Corporate accounts. The minimum deposit for the VIP/Corporate accounts is $25,000.
  • Trading Central is available to GKFX clients who deposit at least $1000. A free Virtual Private Server (the Welcome VPS) is available to clients with a starting balance of £1,600, T&Cs apply. GKFX also provides MarketInsights on the website, which includes technical studies, Trader's Sentiment, articles, a weekly view, a news feed, and a set of analysis tools including a Heat Map of changes in value for products and an Economic Matrix of figures for various economies. There is also trader's education in the form of course, videos, webinars and tutorials.
  • ThinkMarkets offers both CFD trading and spread betting. It provides the Standard account and the ThinkZero account. An Islamic account is available. There is no minimum deposit for the Standard account. The minimum deposit for the ThinkZero account is $/£500. The Standard account does not charge commissions, ThinkZero account does charge a commission.
  • ThinkMarkets account types provide 24/6 Live Support and a Free VPS Service. The ThinkZero account also provides Autochartist and an account manager.


  • GKFX offers Currency Pairs, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Soft Commodities and the Bund.
  • ThinkMarkets offers Currency Pairs, Indices, Energy, Metals, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies.

GKFX offers more individual markets, with 500+, versus 200+ for ThinkMarkets.


  • For CFD trading and Spread Betting, GKFX offers Bitcoin and Ethereum.
  • For CFD trading, ThinkMarkets offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Neo and Bitcoin Gold.
  • For spread betting, ThinkMarkets offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Neo, Ripple, Monero, ETP, Iota, OmiseGO, and Zcash.

Spreads and leverage

  • GKFX provides both fixed and variable spreads for CFD trading. Its lowest spreads are on the VIP account, which has EUR/USD spreads from 0.6. For the Fixed Spread account EUR/USD spreads are 1.8 and on the Variable account EUR/USD spreads are from 1.2. For the Fixed, Variable and VIP account types, UK100 spreads are from 1 and US Crude Oil spread are from 0.05. For the Fixed account, Gold spreads are 0.50 and for the Variable accounts, Gold spreads are from 0.30 and for the VIP account Gold spreads are from 0.20.
  • Spread Betting spreads at GKFX are fixed, at 0.7 for EUR/USD, 0.9 for UK100, 0.30 for Gold and 0.03 for US Crude Oil.
  • Spreads on ThinkMarkets can vary with account type and types of trading. Spread betting Standard spreads are variable and are from 0.8 for EUR/USD, with a target spread from 1 for UK100 and with an average spread of 0.20 for Gold and 0.04 for US Crude Oil.
  • ThinkMarkets CFD Standard spreads are variable and are from 0.4 for EUR/USD, with a target spread from 1 for UK100 and from 0.25 for Gold and 0.03 for US Crude Oil. On the ThinkZero account, Forex spreads can be as low as 0 with commissions of $3.5 per lot per side.

The maximum leverage for GKFX is . The maximum leverage for ThinkMarkets (FCA regulated) is .


GKFX offers MT4 on desktop, tablet and mobile and the Sirix platform. ThinkMarkets offers Trade Interceptor and MT4 on desktop, tablet and mobile. The two brokers offer micro lot trading.

Why GKFX or ThinkMarkets ?

Both provide trading on MT4 and also web traders. GKFX's web trader (an MT4 web trader and Sirix) are both based on MT4. ThinkMarkets's Trade Interceptor is not based on MT4. Both offer spread betting in the UK on MT4 (GKFX also offers spread betting on Sirix). Each also provides CFD trading on all their platforms. Both support the use of automated trading strategies. Both have the distinction of having very low or no minimum deposits. But for its ThinkZero account (which has Forex spreads from 0 pips), ThinkMarkets does have a minimum deposit of $500.

Comparison summary

  • GKFX offer low fixed spread betting spreads, ThinkMarkets offers low variable spread betting spreads
  • ThinkMarkets offers low variable CFD spreads, GKFX offers low variable CFD spreads on its VIP account
  • ThinkMarkets also offers very low spreads on its ThinkZero account, with a commission charge
  • Both brokers are regulated in the UK and offer a range of account features
  • Both provide MT4
  • ThinkMarkets's ECN account is offered on MT4
  • Both have spread betting accounts available on MT4
  • GKFX also provides Sirix, while ThinkMarkets offers Trade Interceptor

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