ETX Capital MT4 Review

ETX Capital MT4 Review

Forex, Metals, Indices, Energy, Soft Commodities, Bitcoin, Stocks & Bonds

  • FCA regulated ✔
  • Tight variable spreads
  • Minimum deposit: $/£100
  • Free VPS offer: T&Cs
  • MT4 & ETX TraderPro
  • Active Trader Package: T&Cs
  • 60+ Forex pairs
  • 200+ markets
Spread Betting & CFD Trading on MT4 • Bitcoin Spread Betting • ETX Capital.

ETX Capital MT4 Review

FCA regulated London based broker ETX Capital offers MT4, in addition to its ETX Trader Pro platform. While this platform has less markets to trade than ETX TraderPro, it supports automated trading, using Expert Advisors. In addition ETX Capital has a free VPS offer, T&Cs apply (a VPS allows the trader to run automated trading strategies 24/7, when away from the computer).

Spread Betting or CFD trading

The trader can sign up to an MT4 spread betting or CFD account, depending on location. The minimum deposit to trade is $/£/€100.

What markets are available to trade ?

ETX Capital MT4 offers Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Soft Commodities, Bitcoin, Bonds and Stocks.

Bitcoin Spread Betting on MT4

Bitcoin can be spread bet on MT4 (or traded as a CFD). It is available as BTC/USD, BTC/GBP and BTC/EUR. Spread betting and CFD trading allows the trader to trade Bitcoin without physically owning it. They can go long or short and as they do not own it, do not need a wallet or other means to store it. ETX Capital Bitcoin.

Why would a trader use MT4 ?

MT4 differs from ETX Trader Pro. In some ways it has similarities, it has markets to choose (called 'Symbols'), indicators (50+ on the platform, more can be added) and charts (bar, candlestick and line). However ETX TraderPro supports discretionary trading. This means it can be used by traders who do not explicitly use automated trading on the platform, for example traders who make their own trading decisions, based on charting analysis. MT4, which can also be used for discretionary trading, also supports automated trading. In automated trading, a program makes the trading decisions for the trader, based on a set of rules. This can happen while the trader is at the computer, or can happen when the trader is logged out their account, if a Virtual Private Server (VPS) is used.

Free VPS offer

So that EAs can run 24/7, ETX Capital offers free Virtual Private server hosting, T&Cs apply. To quality for this offer, the trader needs to deposit at least £/€/$2000 and also meet minimum trading requirements.

Expert Advisors

These are the automated trading strategies available from other traders on MT4. A discretionary trader may have noted that when trading, they may be following a set of rules (based for example on an indicator), even if using no trading automation software. Expert Advisors allow this process to be run automatically, either with the trader at the computer, or with a VPS, which can run these programs on a server operating independently of the trader's computer. It should be noted that because a strategy has worked in the past, does not mean it will work in the future, and automated strategies can generate losses as well as profits.

Is there a commission charge ?

Some MT4 brokers charge a commission, typically for Forex and Metals. ETX Capital does not charge commissions for spread betting (but does for CFD trading Stocks). It offers variable spreads, which can be relatively tight, for example, EUR/USD can go as low as 0.6 points.

Micro lot trading

ETX Capital MT4 supports micro lot trading - one hundred of a standard lot (0.01 lots). Micro lots enable the trader to avoid using too much leverage.


Any available market can be hedged on the MT4 platform.

ETX TraderPro vs MT4

The trader can open accounts for both platform, if they wish. But why might one be used rather than the other. It depends on the type of trading and also which markets they may wish to trade. ETX TraderPro has many more markets (5000+ vs 200+), mostly made up of Stocks. However both have a similar but not identical range (including Bitcoin). If the trader needs to automate some or all of their trading, then MT4 would be necessary.

Active Trader Package

ETX Capital has an Active Trader Package, which is for traders who deposit at least £/€/$1000, T&Cs apply. This includes Trading Central, an 8 hour trader course and an account relationship manager.

Recent Awards

In 2018, ETX Capital was awarded Best Spread Betting Platform at the ADVFN Financial Awards. It was also awarded Best Trading Platform at the Online Wealth Awards, 2018.

Is ETX Capital regulated ?

ETX Capital is owned by Monecor Ltd which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the United Kingdom, with register number 124721. Monecor is a member firm of the London Stock Exchange.

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