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Online BrokerEthereum Trading Platforms
Web Trader, Advantage Web & Apps, AT Pro Web Trader
Ethereum Trading Platforms
MT4, MT5, cTrader
Ethereum Trading Platforms
ETX TraderPro Web Trader & Apps
Ethereum Trading Platforms
Ethereum Trading Platform

Ethereum Spread Betting - What Is Ethereum

Ethereum is a platform which supports smart contracts, which are applications executed on the Ethereum network. Ethereum has a token or cryptocurrency to pay for resource requirements for running smart contracts called ether (however the term Ethereum is also used to refer to ether). Ether is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges under the ticker symbol ETH.

Ethereum uses a distributed electronic ledger called the blockchain, which consists of linked blocks of processed data. The Ethereum network is the network underlying a wide range of blockchain related projects, since it supports the use of applications. Applications run on the Ethereum network are written in the Solidity language. This is a programming language for writing smart contracts. These are compiled to execute on what is termed the Ethereum Virtual Machine, which is an abstraction defining the network of computing devices used to execute compiled code.

A core feature of blockchain technology is that once initiated processes are executed to finish, i.e. there is no central system controlling these events. In fact key processes are performed through third parties via automated processes. So the idea of Ethereum is that smart contracts once initiated are unstoppable, in the sense that blockchain network payments are processed in an automated distributed manner and will be sent from wallet to wallet once initiated. This said, the Ethereum network does allow applications to be stopped as a fail safe, but the key idea remains that applications express an obligation which once initiated will execute till the end and the Ethereum blockchain network provides the capacity to do so.

In the UK, it is possible to spread bet Ethereum, that is to trade ether without having to own it. This means the trader does not need a wallet as this is a means of storing ether, and does not trade on an exchange. They can speculate on a rising market (go long) or on a falling market (go short). It also means that the trader can trade with leverage (that is, on margin).

The trader can spread bet Ethereum on the platforms used to spread bet other markets, thus they can use web traders and other platforms such as MT4, if they are offered. Non-UK and UK residents can trade Ethereum CFDs, which also allow the trader to trade ether without owning it.

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