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Dash Spread Betting - What Is Dash

It is possible to spread bet the cryptocurency Dash at regulated UK spread betting brokers and use their online trading platforms. However spread betting is available for UK residents only. For non-UK and UK residents it is still possible to trade Dash CFDs.

In neither spread betting nor CFD trading does the trader own any Dash when trading it. Rather they are able to speculate on the movement in value of the cryptocurrency, without having to own it. This means they do not need to trade on exchanges, can go long and short, do not need a wallet and can use leverage. Furthermore the trader can use the same trading platforms used to trade other markets, thus allowing the use of platforms such as MT4 and web traders, if available.

Dash is based on Bitcoin and like Bitcoin is a digital currency secured by cryptography used to make peer-to-peer payments. Dash payments are processed relatively rapidly, this is because Dash uses a system called masternodes which adds another layer to the blockchain (a decentralised electronic ledger) to enhance a range of functions including payment processing efficiency.

This places Dash to some extent in the realm of cryptos which use some centralisation on top of the decentralised blockchain payment processing system. Like all cryptos, Dash is extremely volatile. When spread betting, leverage is available but as increasing leverage increases risk, this tend to be restricted.

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