Crowd Trading on ParagonEx

Crowd Trading On ParagonEx

UFX and Trade360
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Crowd Trading
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Crowd Trading
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ParagonEx, MT4

Crowd Trading on ParagonEx: Insights from other traders on an intuitive platform

Both UFX and Trade360 offer the ParagonEx platform. While each have a range of account types with different minimum deposits, ParagonEx is available with all account types. UFX and Trade360 are part of the same group and have similarities. However there are differences, including the minimum deposit.

What is ParagonEx ?

ParagonEx is a trading platform, available on desktop, tablet and mobile. It is one of a number of web trading platforms which aims to offer simplified intuitive way to trade. ParagonEx does this by offering its markets as rows of relatively large boxes, with a line chart.

Orders can be placed from these boxes and by clicking on the line chart a larger more detailed chart can be found with technical indicators and a range of chart price types. However at Trade360 and UFX, ParagonEx has another feature, that is a crowd trading news feed.

What is crowd trading ?

Crowd trading is similar to social trading, but without automation and focused on aggregate behavior rather than individual traders. It is for traders who want to make trading decisions themselves, but informed by data about what 'the crowd' is doing.

The news feed does this by presenting news items, which can be about events or particular markets and giving traders reactions to this. This includes what percentage of the crowd is buying or selling. It can potentially give a deeper perspective on what others are doing in the market.

What markets does UFX and Trade360 offer to trade ?

Both offer Forex, Indices, Energy, Precious Metals, Soft Commodities, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies. These are offered as CFDs, thus the trader does not own the underlying asset.

Is there a commission charge ?

Neither broker charges commissions to trade.

What is the minimum deposit for UFX and Trade360 ?

UFX's minimum deposit is $100, Trade360's minimum deposit is $500. Both offer higher account types, requiring larger minimum deposits, with extra features.

Do they offer Cryptocurrencies ?

Both brokers offer them same relatively wide offering of Cryptocurrency CFDs.

Are these brokers regulated ?

Both are regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus.

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