FXCC vs UFX Comparison

FXCC vs UFX Broker Comparison

FXCC versus UFX
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarketsRegulated
$100MT4, ParagonEx450+CySEC

FXCC and UFX Comparison

FXCC is an ECN broker which provides low variable spreads with and without a commission charge. UFX is an STP broker which offers fixed spreads that can be lower with higher account types, requiring a higher deposit. Both offer MT4. UFX also provides ParagonEx which has crowd trading support. Both FXCC and UFX are regulated by the CySEC in Cyprus.


Both offer MT4.


UFX has a web trader which offers a crowd trading news feed, FXCC provides ECN trading.

ECN vs crowd trading

Crowd trading can be seen as potentially enhancing the discretionary trading experience (where the trader makes trading decisions). This is because is aims to provide information about how other traders as an group are reacting to news. ECN trading can be seen as potentially enhancing the automated trading process, as it aims to offer fast access to the ECN (in this case through a liquidity provider) and supports automated trading styles such as scalping.

Minimum deposit and account types

The minimum deposit for FXCC is $100. The minimum deposit for UFX is $100.

  • FXCC provides three account types. These are the ECN Standard account, the ECN XL account and the ECN Advanced account. All accounts welcome Scalpers, allow hedging and EAs, provide live news updates, technical analysis, trading tools and an economic calendar on the FXCC website, and offer a personal account manager.
  • FXCC's ECN Standard account has a minimum deposit of $100, the ECN XL account has a minimum deposit of $500 and the ECN Advanced account has a minimum deposit of $100,000. All accounts charge commissions, except for the ECN XL account which does not charge commissions for deposits less than or equal to $10,000. The ECN Advanced account offers more Forex pairs and also offers Indices.
  • UFX provides six account types, Micro/Mini, Mini, Standard, Gold, Platinum and Islamic. The minimum initial deposit is $100 for the Micro/Mini account, $500 for the Mini account, $1000 for the Islamic and Standard accounts, $5000 for the Gold account and $10,000 for the Platinum account. The minimum trade size ranges from 0.0025 lots for the Micro/Mini account to 1 lot for the Platinum account.
  • All UFX account types have daily market reviews, a video library, daily recommendations and 24hr live support. All except the Micro/Mini account provide a personal trading coach. Standard, Gold and Platinum accounts also have VIP trading support and exclusive updates. Gold and Platinum additionally provide SMS trading alerts and access to MT4.

Account currencies

FXCC accounts are available in GBP, USD and EUR. UFX accounts are available in USD.


  • FXCC offers 50 markets, covering Forex pairs, Indices and Precious Metals on the ECN Advanced account. On the ECN Standard and the ECN XL account, FXCC provides 30 markets covering Forex and Precious Metals.
  • UFX offers 450+ markets covering Currency Pairs, Indices, Precious Metals, Energy and Soft Commodities.

Spreads and leverage

  • Spreads at FXCC are variable and are from 0.1 for EUR/USD (with a typical range under normal market conditions of 0.2-0.6) and around 0.25 for Gold.
  • Spreads at UFX are fixed under normal market conditions but vary according to the account type. The lowest spreads are for the Platinum account at 2 for EUR/USD, 0.50 for Gold and 0.05 for US Crude Oil. For the Micro/Mini account spreads are 4 for EUR/USD, 0.75 for Gold and 0.11 for US Crude Oil. For the Standard account spreads are 3 for EUR/USD, 0.65 for Gold and 0.07 for US Crude Oil.

Maximum leverage for FXCC is . Maximum leverage for UFX is .


  • FXCC's ECN Standard account charges commissions of 0.75 pips per lot per side for Forex and $7.5 per lot per side for Metals.
  • For deposits of less than or equal to $10,000, FXCC's ECN XL account does not charge commissions and for deposits greater than $10,000 the ECN XL account charges commissions of 0.3 pips per lot per side.
  • FXCC's ECN Advanced account charges commissions of 0.4 pips per lot per side for Forex and $4 per lot per side for Metals, Energy and Indices.
  • UFX does not charge commissions.


Both brokers provide MT4, available for desktop, tablet and mobile. However UFX only provides it for some account types. UFX provides the ParagonEx platform, with crowd trading features. Both brokers offer micro lot trading.

Comparison summary

  • FXCC offers ECN trading conditions, UFX offers STP trading conditions
  • FXCC provides ECN spreads with and without a commission charge
  • UFX provides fixed spreads with no commission charge
  • Both brokers offer MT4, but UFX only offers it for some account types
  • Both brokers offer a range of account types
  • FXCC can provide different types and numbers of instruments depending on the account types
  • UFX can provide different services depending on the account type

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