City Index vs ETX Capital Comparison

City Index vs ETX Capital UK Broker Comparison

City Index versus ETX Capital Comparison Table
Online BrokerMinimum DepositTrading PlatformsMarketsRegulated
NoneMT4, Advantage Web, Web Trader, AT Pro12,000+FCA, ASIC, MAS
$100MT4, ETX TraderPro5000+FCA

City Index and ETX Capital Comparison

In what ways are these brokers similar ? Both are based in London and are regulated by the FCA. These are both dealing desk brokers, which offer CFD trading and in the UK, spread betting as well. They each offer web traders and apps and along with MT4. Both have a wide range and relatively large number of markets available to trade. Neither charges commissions to trade Forex, but both can offer tight variable spreads. And both have a range of cryptocurrencies to trade, but not own, as CFDs or for spread betting. Differences include that City Index is also based in other countries, regulated by the ASIC in Australia and the MAS in Singapore, has more overall markets available to trade web traders vs web trader, and also offers AT Pro.

They both support trading automation, by providing MT4. City Index's provision of the downloadable AT Pro platform, gives the advanced trader a platform for building entry and exit trading signals on the chart. AT Pro also has an extensive range of technical indicators. All the markets which are on City Index's Advantage Web and Web Trader platforms are also on AT Pro. For discretionary traders each has a web trader (though City Index has two), as well as the other platforms, which can be used for non-automated trading as well.

Each broker says that it can provide fast order execution on MT4 (e.g. for automated trading). They both have a similar number of markets on MT4, much less than the number available on their web traders (but competitive with other MT4 brokers). Further comparison can be found at: City Index MT4 vs ETX Capital MT4.

Quick comparison

Both offer CFD trading and in the UK spread betting. Each has a relatively large number of markets on their web traders, but City Index has more. Both provide MT4, though ETX Capital has more markets on this. City Index also offers the AT Pro platform.

Minimum deposit and account types

City Index does not have a minimum deposit. The minimum deposit for ETX Capital is £100.

  • City Index offers CFD trading and spread betting. City Index provides a news feed, market reports and a Trading Academy.
  • ETX Capital offers spread betting and CFD trading. It provides a range of features including webinars and seminars. For a minimum first deposit of £/$/€1,000, T&Cs apply, ETX Capital provides a dedicated account manager, news and updates from Trading Central and a free 8 hour trading course to be taken within 6 months.


  • City Index on Web Trader, Advantage Web and AT Pro provides Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Soft Commodities, Shares, ETFs, Bonds, IPOs, Cryptocurrencies, Interest Rates and Options, with 12,000+ available. City Index Australia and City Index Singapore have less markets (5,000+), as they do not offer spread betting.
  • ETX Capital on ETX TraderPro provides Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Soft Commodities, Shares, ETFs, Bonds, IPOs, Cryptocurrencies and Interest Rates, with 5000+ available.
  • City Index on MT4 provides Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals and Soft Commodities, with 110+ available.
  • ETX Capital on MT4 provides Forex, Indices, Energy, Metals, Soft Commodities, Stocks and Cryptocurrencies, with 200+ available.

City Index offers 80+ Forex pairs (on MT4), ETX Capital offers 60+ Forex pairs.


  • City Index offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash (as CFDs or for spread betting).
  • ETX Capital offers Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash (as CFDs or for spread betting).

Spreads and leverage

  • City Index provides variable spreads, from 0.5 for EUR/USD, 1 for UK100, 0.3 for Gold and 0.04 for US Oil.
  • ETX Capital provides variable spreads, from 0.6 for EUR/USD, from 1 for the UK100, from 0.4 for Gold, from 0.05 for US Crude Oil.

Maximum leverage for City Index (FCA regulated) is . Maximum leverage for ETX Capital is .


City Index offers two web trading platforms (Advantage Web and Web Trader), MT4 and AT Pro. ETX Capital offers the ETX TraderPro platform and MT4. Both brokers have mobile apps. Both brokers have a minimum trade size of 0.01 lots for Forex. The minimum stake size for Forex spread betting is 50p for City Index and 10p for ETX Capital.

Why City Index or ETX Capital ?

In terms of features the main difference between these two brokers is that City Index offers AT Pro and two web traders and also that it is regulated in countries other than the UK. Otherwise they are both CFD brokers and in the UK offer spread betting, with a wide range and reltively large number of markets. Each has web traders and apps and MT4.

Comparison summary

  • Both offer CFD trading and spread betting
  • City Index provides two web traders, MT4 and AT Pro
  • ETX Capital offers MT4 and the ETX TraderPro web trader
  • Thus both brokers have web platforms and MT4
  • Each supports discretionary trading (on all their platforms)
  • Each supports automated trading (both on MT4)
  • They also offer mobile and tablet apps
  • Both brokers have a relatively large offering of individual markets, but City Index has more

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