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MT4, Sirix Web Trader

Bitcoin Cash Spread Betting - What Is Bitcoin Cash

The blockchain is a record of all transactions on a given cryptocurrency, recorded and stored on the Internet. A given blockchain is part of a network, which operates according to a set of rules. The blockchain consists of linked blocks of processed data (processed by miners in the case of Bitcoin Cash). Bitcoin, the original cryptocurrency set a limit on the size of these blocks (called the blocksize limit).

Bitcoin Cash changed the rules governing the Bitcoin network, producing a new blockchain forked from Bitcoin's blockchain (and thus a separate network and cryptocurrency). These rules changes included allowing the blocksize limit to be adjusted. Thus Bitcoin Cash is called a hard fork of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin Cash, like Bitcoin is a network to make digital payments in a cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash is traded on cryptocurrency exchanges under the ticker symbol BCH. Spread betting allows the trader to trade BCH without having to own it or trade on an exchange. Leverage is also available, but as cryptocurrencies are extremely volatile and as increasing leverage increases risk, this tends to be limited.

However spread betting is available in the UK. Non-UK (and UK) residents can trade Bitcoin Cash CFDs, which also allow the trader to trade BCH without owning it. At spread betting brokers, Bitcoin Cash can be traded on online trading platforms provided by the broker, thus making available web traders and MT4, if offered at the broker.

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